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    Ryobi 1050

    Ryobi 1050

    Wide Paper Size
    The 1050 series has a maximum printing area of 1,050 x 710 mm (S type) and 1,050 x 770 mm (XL types). The presses can also print on stock from a lightweight 0.04 right up to 1mm

    Choice of four delivery systems
    The delivery section comes in four configurations – extra long, long, semi-long and standard. An IR and UV curing unit can be mounted at the delivery end. Combining a coating and UV curing unit not only provides quick drying for a shorter delivery time, it also makes possible high-value-added printing such as printing on film, metallized paper and other non absorptive materials, as well as chemical embossed printing and lenticular printing.

    Retractable coating UV/IR
    The RYOBI 1050 series can be equipped with a chamber type doctor blade coating system for inline application of an aqueous or UV varnish coating. Besides adding value by protecting the printed surface or providing a glossy finish, faster drying enables shorter lead times. When the varnish coating system is not being used, the entire coating cylinder and anilox roller can be easily slid upward at the touch of a button to prevent marking on the sheet.

    F-RPC Fully Automatic Plate Changing (opt)
    On the Full-RPC, plate mounting and removal is entirely controlled from the RYOBI PCS-L touch panel, and the operator is free to carry out other tasks while the plates are being automatically changed. The Full-RPC does not need to bend the plate’s leading or tail edge

    S-RPC Semi Automatic Plate Changing (standard)
    On the Semi-RPC, because the plates are set in place using positioning pins, high-precision plate mounting is easily accomplished with push-button control. The Semi-RPC does not need to bend the plate’s leading or tail edge.

    Automatic Cleaning Devices
    The 1050 series comes equipped with an automatic blanket cleaning device, Automatic Ink roller cleaning device, Automatic impression cylinder cleaning device (option)

    Ryobi Program Inking
    Ryobi’s program inking system automatically supplies ink to ink rollers to match the image from the early start of printing. After the set number of prints are finished, the ink on the rollers is automatically restored to an even state.

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