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    New Machines Ryobi Archives - Ztech Ltd

    Ryobi 750 Series

    FEATURES Wide Paper Size The RYOBI 750W Series comes in two types: the SW type press with a maximum printing area of 765 x 545 mm, and the XLW type press with a maximum printing area of 765 x 580 mm, enabling a wider range of printing applications. The XLW type allows 6-up printing of […]

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    Ryobi 1050

    Ryobi 1050 Wide Paper Size The 1050 series has a maximum printing area of 1,050 x 710 mm (S type) and 1,050 x 770 mm (XL types). The presses can also print on stock from a lightweight 0.04 right up to 1mm Choice of four delivery systems The delivery section comes in four configurations – […]

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    Ryobi 3304DI

    Ryobi 3304DI On-press digital plate imaging: Advanced New Imaging System with a 16μm Laser Spot Size Presstek’s newly developed ProFire® Excel Imaging System is equipped with two imaging heads with built-in lasers. The two imaging heads can simultaneously form an image onto the plates for four colors with precise registration on each plate cylinder. The […]

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    Features Continuous dampening Printing speed up to 15,000 sph Semi-automatic Plate Change Paper sizes: Max Width 788mm Print up to 0.6mm stock Short make ready for increased productivity Suction tape feed board Push button change between straight printing & perfecting Auto roller and blanket wash Perfecting speed at 15,000 sph Max print image area: 750mm […]

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    Ryobi 525GX

     Ryobi 525GX V-Shaped 5 cylinder configuration 1 to 6 colours plus coating/drying options The satellite type cylinder arrangement consists of a double diameter impression cylinder and double/triple diameter transfer drums. Double sprung grippers used on the paper feed drum, impression cylinders and transfer drums firmly grip the paper, and gripper changes are minimised. Accordingly, even […]

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    Ryobi 920

    8-up Printing of International A4 Size and Letter Size (920) The 920 series maximum vertical paper size is 640 mm for greater versatility, enabling printing of international A1 size posters as well as 8-up printing of both international A4 size and letter size.  

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    Ryobi 3304HA

      Double-Diameter Printing Mechanism The printing unit consists of a double-diameter impression cylinder and a double-diameter transfer drum. These cylinders, which have a large curvature ratio, transport paper with minimum flapping, providing stable paper transport and minimising the number of gripper changes affecting registration. S-RPC semi automatic plate change The Ryobi Semi-RPC allows plates to […]

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